Our products are cleaned and sanitized both on pick-up and delivery using Lysol wipes to disinfect all surfaces. Early delivery is also contactless. 

We partner with Housing/Residence Life at all our schools so they will verify your room information before delivery.

Yes, we deliver the unit directly to your room and if ordered by August 1st your unit will be delivered to your room before you arrive on campus. Please see the Delivery Schedule for your specific school information.

We pick up directly from the room, NO returning to a central location! We will communicate directly through e-mail on the date and times of pick-up. Please see the Return Schedule for the exact date and procedures for your school.

If you are interested in a fridge or safe, we recommend reserving early since there are no penalties to cancelling your order before delivery. If you order by August 1st we guarantee early delivery to your room before move in! Because of limited quantities, it is sometimes possible to get a unit delivered shortly after the beginning of the semester due to cancellations.

All of our fridges have a true zero-degree freezer. Many retail fridges have a small internal “freezer” space that does make it possible to freeze ice cubes and possibly some food items. For a true freezer we recommend renting a MicroFridge or FreezerFridge for the best in convenience and food safety.

The MicroFridge and FreezerFridge has enough space for 2-2 liter bottles and lots of food in its spacious 3.1 cubic foot space. Removable shelves provide the ability to organize your fridge as needed.

The MicroFridge and FreezerFridge appliances offer a separate, spacious true zero-degree separate door freezer that can hold and freeze a half gallon of ice cream, 5 frozen meals or pizzas, frozen juices and plenty of ice. That’s more than twice the size of a typical internal ice compartment available in most single door refrigerators and it will actually keep your food frozen!

All money paid to reserve the unit is refundable if you cancel before delivery. Simply Contact Us to begin the process. Please have your name and order number available.

We offer both options. Academic Year Rentals are for a full year, while Semester Rentals are for one semester only.

Simply Contact Us and we will immediately deliver a replacement if necessary.

We ask that only one payment be sent for the entire rental amount. Should two payments be received for the same room,  we will contact you to see if both roommates wish to have their own unit and their school permits two units in a room. If you do not want both units we will refund one of the orders with no penalty. 

Yes. You and your roommate will need to complete the Transfer Form and send it to us. This form will transfer all rights and responsibilities to your roommate.

Contact Us to schedule a time to return your unit. Please allow one week for scheduling.

Full refunds will be processed for cancellations made prior to delivery. Within 14 days of delivery, a complete refund less a $40 delivery and processing fee. After 14 days after delivery, all fees are non-refundable.

We offer the Purchase Protection Plan (PPP). The cost of our plan is $24.99. Here is how our Purchase Protection Plan (PPP) works:   The PPP entitles you to a prorated refund of your MicroFridge rental fee based on the following formula. The academic year is broken down into 6 segments. For example, if you cancel your order anytime during segment 3, you would receive a refund for the remaining 3 segments which would equate to a 50% refund of your MicroFridge rental fee (other fees such as insurance and cleaning are not eligible).
  • Segment 1 – Start of fall term through September 15
  • Segment 2 – September 16 – November 15
  • Segment 3 – November 16 through the end of the fall term
  • Segment 4 – Start of spring term to February 19
  • Segment 5 – March 1 to March 31
  • Segment 6 – April 1 through the end of the spring term
  All canceled orders under the PPP program are subject to a $30 early pick fee which will be deducted from your refund.