FreezerFridge Rental


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This item is for the Southern Illinois University Rental Only.

The FreezerFridge is similar to the MicroFridge® without the microwave. It is bigger than units sold “off the shelf” in stores, but still meets Bradley University Housing guidelines.

It offers a zero-degree freezer, cold enough to make ice cubes and keep ice cream frozen. The refrigerator is a roomy 2.13 cubic feet and is controlled by an adjustable thermostat.

The FreezerFridge offers much more than mini-refrigerators available in retail outlets. Retail models are typically single-door models with an internal ice compartment that is too small and not meant for long-term storage of frozen foods. The end result is melted ice cream, defrosted frozen dinners and liquefied ice pops.

The FreezerFridge offers a separate, spacious .75 cubic foot true zero-degree freezer compartment that can hold and freeze a half gallon of ice cream, 5 frozen entrees, frozen juices and plenty of ice. That’s more than twice the size of a typical internal ice compartment available in most single-door refrigerators.

Overall dimensions and measurements: 18 5/8” X 20 1/8” X 33 1/2”.