Rental Agreement

Refund Policy: Full refunds will be processed for cancellations made prior to delivery.

Within 14 days of delivery, a complete refund less a $50 delivery and processing fee.
After 14 days after delivery, ALL fees are non-refundable.

LESSEE’S  agrees to pay for charges under this agreement, including the rental of the UNIT;

  1. a cleaning fee of $35 for a UNIT that is not thoroughly cleaned when picked up unless the cleaning fee is paid for
  2. replacement of missing parts in the UNIT unless rental insurance is paid for, the replacement costs of parts:
    • Crisper Drawer: $40
    • Shelf: $30/each
    • Can Rack: $20/each
    • Microwave Plate: $40
    • Microwave Ring:  $25

  3. for the complete replacement of the UNIT if it is not returned. UNIT replacement costs are as follows:
    MicroFridge: $599
    FreezerFridge: $449
    Microwave: $249
    CampusSafe: $249

  4. LESSEE also agrees to any terms brought forth from Residence Halls/University Housing student guidelines included below:

    FOR University of Evansville Rentals ONLY
    By entering into this rental agreement, you agree that individuals listed under the “Students’ Right to Privacy (Entry of Students’ Rooms)” section of the UE Student Handbook may access the rented safe for inspection purposes when there is probable cause to believe a violation of University Policy or criminal law has been violated.